Sång över vita skogar

Released: 2014

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The leader of this mellow yet expressive ensemble, pianist Stefan Jansson, calls these renditions "Traditional Scandinavian Christmas carols with a nuance of jazz and improvisation," and "Nordic hymns mixed with lovely Swedish tunes with newer date." Jansson also functions as a prolific arranger and producer of Sång över vita skogar (A Song in the White Forest), pertaining to the overall mood of the album.

This is Jansson's third outing in the genre of mixing subtle jazz elements into traditional Scandinavian repertoire, and his second with Johanna Grüssner as vocalist.

Grüssner has a warm feel, yet clear articulation of the Swedish language, which allows the listener to indulge in the music as well as the message of Christmas.

As a group these musicians, Jansson on piano, Peter Nordwall on saxophone, Johnny Åman on bass and Jonas Backman on drums, showcase tight interplay and beauty in their rapport.

Let the candles be lit and enjoy!

Johanna Grüssner - voice
Stefan Jansson - piano & arrangements
Peter Nordwall - saxophone
Johnny Åman - bass
Jonas Backman - drums